What is school aversion?

School aversion is a strong dislike of or disinterest in school and the experiences entailed by school.

School aversion can be innate or acquired. A student can be school-averse from their very first day of Kindergarten or grow into school aversion after accumulating negative school experiences.

School aversion is not a disease or defect. Schools often mistake school-averse students for bad apples — defective schoolers, administering disciplinary action or academic interventions in order to correct or fix them. This is ineffective in the long-term because school-averse students are not defective, but rather they are individuals whose educational preferences are too different from what schools expect to accommodate; schools are not designed to sufficiently serve the educational needs of school-averse students. Put simply, a school-averse student is not a bad apple in the bushel, but an orange that belong in a different bushel or environment.

Am I school-averse?

Do you…

  • …learn more outside of school than you do in school?
  • …read non-school books in class instead of paying attention?
  • …dread waking up early every morning for school?
  • …wish lunch time would come earlier?
  • …worry constantly about being bullied in and between classes?
  • …wish you didn’t have to endure bullying?
  • …sleep, doodle, play games, or chat in class instead of paying attention?
  • …daydream in class about playing sports, hanging out with friends, or going on adventures?
  • …spend much of your class time waiting for classmates to catch up to you?
  • …feel dissatisfied by the rigor of your classes or the speed of your academic advancement?
  • …disagree fundamentally with the institution of schooling?
  • …rebel against school rules and the orders of school officials?
  • …spend your whole school day waiting for the final bell?
  • …just plain don’t like school?

If any of these sound like they apply to you, you could be a school-averse student. The decision to label yourself as school-averse is up to you. These are just a handful of indications that you may be school-averse. Don’t worry if you consider yourself school-averse and your reason is not listed above.