The Arizona School-Averse Student Association (AZSASA) is a Glendale-based organization whose mission is to empower students to take back control of their education. What are school-averse students, and how are they not in control of their education?

School-averse students are students with a strong dislike of or disinterest in school and the experiences entailed by school. Such students prefer not to be in school, but many are trapped in school by fear, misinformation, social stigma, controlling parents, and the law. As a result, they are not in control of their own education.

AZSASA strives to return that control. We do so by campaigning to dismantle social, legal, and informational barriers to educational self-determination; by providing services, resources, and research to help and guide students with their educational self-determination; and by building a supportive community of school-averse or otherwise passionate activists in the fight for educational choice.

AZSASA welcomes school-averse students and anyone otherwise passionate about this cause to join. It’s free; there are no membership dues. Together we can put an end to these educational barriers and build a future where students are free to learn the way they learn best.

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