Discover alternatives to school

AZSASA raises awareness about alternatives to traditional school, such as homeschooling, online education, Montessori schools, Sudbury-model schools, and more.

Learn more than ever

AZSASA empowers school-averse learners to take charge of their own education so they can learn the way they learn best.

Connect with other school-averse students

AZSASA connects school-averse students with each other for mutual support and to advocate for those students still trapped in school.

AZSASA presents “Tired of School?” in downtown Phoenix

Do you wish you could get an education without school, but you feel trapped in school? The Arizona School-Averse Student Association (AZSASA) can help. We help connect students who don’t like school (school-averse students) to information about non-school education alternatives, resources, and each other. Enjoy FREE PIZZA as you learn… …about the different ways you

AZSASA website is live

The AZSASA website is now live and open to the public! Thanks to everyone who provided feedback during the site’s development, and thanks to all who will provide feedback in the future. Without you, this would not be possible. AZSASA’s first order of business after the website launch is to organize a launch event for